Another week, and another job of looking for walks nearby our place to discover and enjoy! I was speaking with someone who has agreed to postpone his stay with us due to the Coronavirus lock down, when we exchanged the news that we had both discovered new places to to walk within our individual vicinities. How is it possible not to know of such places beforehand? Still, I’m not complaining. The bluebells are out in force, and the scenery in the Lake District is as beautiful as ever. Now, we are finding new paths that had previously been unknown to us. What’s there not to like?

Venture adventures

With our Great Dane in tow, we have recently ventured onto new footpaths: all were either pretty and/or offered outstanding views, but some were dusty from days and weeks of dry weather. I have been wishing for rain now over the past weeks. As I write, there is a little rain falling from the skies, but the skies remain blue with white clouds, and the sun is shining.

The Dales Way

Well, we know The Dales Way is a long distance walk from Ilkley in Yorkshire to Bowness on Windermere in the Lake District National Park. In fact, we couldn’t not know about the latter since our place, Blenheim Lodge, is actually the first Bed and Breakfast accommodation to stay off The Dales Way in Bowness. However, what we didn’t know was that some of the scenery that accompanies this path is very different indeed! Just take a look below at some of both the newer and older photos we’ve taken of The Dales Way long distance footpath over the years.

Belted Galloways:

Belted Galloway
Only a half-minute’s stroll from our B&B, some Belted Galloway cattle have colonised the beginning (or end – depending from which direction you’re walking The Dales Way) of the walk from Blenheim Lodge.

Bell Gate:

What I call the bell gate a short walk on Brant Fell from Blenheim Lodge:

Dog sits at The Dales Way
Poor Zack’s elderly legs gave way when we went walking along The Dales Way. He plonked down all of a sudden but kept his sense of decorum and humour.

At the back of Crook and Staveley:

Dog walking on The Dales Way behind Staveley
Horatio took us walking on The Dales Way behind Crook and Stavely.
Walking The Dales Way
Walkies one day took us somewhere we’d not discovered before. We were therefore very surprised to find ourselves on The Dales Way!

Lastly, here are a couple of photos of pretty bluebells galore on a part of The Dales Way behind our house and gorgeous views from part of The Dales Way near Crook and Staveley.

On Brant Fell:

Great Dane at Matson Ground
Walkies with Horatio along The Dales Way at Matson Ground.

A view from The Dalesway room at Blenheim Lodge:

View of Dales Way from Blenheim Loge
Sunshine on The Dales Way, where you can glimpse a walker between the branches on the footpath. This photo was taken from The Dalesway bedroom at Blenheim Lodge. Our backyard borders the open fields and woodlands leading to the 360-degree viewpoints on Brantfell, upon which Blenheim Lodge nestles.
Bed and Breakfast on the Dalesway
The Dalesway room may be used for double, twin or triple occupancy and has some lovely tranquil views overlooking peaceful Brant Fell, into which our B&B nestles.
The Dalesway B&B Room
The Dalesway is one of my favourite bedrooms: quiet, relaxing, and exuding that ambience when staying in this room of being away from it all!

I hope you’ll have enjoyed reading this post and seeing these pictures showcasing the picturesque diversity of the views and walks on sections of The Dales Way in our part of the Lake District National Park. Horatio, our gentle giant, says “Hi!” Sadly, Zack, our beloved Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is no longer with us, although we remember him fondly and continue to love him deeply in our hearts.

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