More things to do on a romantic Lakeland retreat (ii)

A little while back, I wrote about some things to do whilst enjoying a romantic Lake District weekend. Here are some more ideas. Many people visit the Lake District because of its many waters. We had a newly married couple … Read More

One word – HOT!

It has been a fortnight of sweltering heat in the Lake District. For sun lovers, the Lake District National Park will be a perfect place to visit, both to lap up the sunshine and to take a dip in the … Read More

Blenheim Lodge video

We had been wanting to have a video made of our guest house for some time now. Today, we received a video that was made for us for Blenheim Lodge. We are hopeful that we will manage to get it … Read More

Lakeland waters on a summer day

Thousands of people visit the English Lake District because of its beautiful landscape of lakes and mountains. On a hot summer day, what better way is there to cool down than to head towards those self-same waters in hopes of … Read More

Some things to do for a romantic summer weekend (i)

Well, the weather is certainly a boon now for visitors to the Lake District: sunny, hot, with just enough of a small breeze so that the heat is not oppressive. Days are long, and all the whole of the Lake … Read More

Summer sparkles

Running a Bed and Breakfast in the Lake District is a great way to meet people from many countries far and wide. One of the most consistent exclamations this summer has been the lateness of the hour before daylight completely … Read More

Eateries in Bowness

Today, I thought I would write about some eateries our guests at Blenheim Lodge have tried whilst staying with us. Hubby and I are often asked to recommend places to eat, but since we have not been to eat in … Read More

A Lake District holiday

I remember one year eons ago, when we brought our kids to the Lake District for a week’s holiday. They were at that time only 1.5 and 4 years of age, and the former was still in pull-ups. Hubby and … Read More