May Spring Bank Holiday long weekend

The May Spring Bank Holiday long weekend starts on Friday, 24th May. At Blenheim Lodge, we still have some late availability, with different rooms available on different dates. Here are some details. For a romantic break, we have The Coniston … Read More

Lighter Cumbrian evenings

It is almost 10 pm as I write this post. Looking out of the lounge windows, I can see a sky, still blue, albeit darkish. The evenings are getting so much lighter now as Summer draws near. For visitors to … Read More

A breakfast of fresh local produce

I came across some photos early this evening that gave me an idea for my post tonight. Since we arrived in 2002, we have always used the local butcher for his hearty handmade sausage and hand-cured and cut bacon. We … Read More

Romantic breaks in the Lake District

What do you think of when you imagine a romantic break? Does your mind conjure fuzzy-edged soft focus images of a loving couple walking hand in hand along a petal-strewn treelined avenue, with glorious cherry blossoms bursting with fresh pink … Read More

Evening light

One of the nicest things to do in the Lake District is to watch the sun set at the end of a lovely sunny day. I am sitting in our lounge at present looking at the ball of bright light … Read More

Sitting on a fell

Hubby and I have been living at Blenheim Lodge now for the last 10.5 years. And do you know, despite the fact that the road we are located on being called Brantfell Road, it never occurred to me until a … Read More

So quiet, so peaceful . . . I am nodding off

I had always been one of those people who cannot easily fall asleep sitting upright, or even lazing on a couch. I generally need a nice comfy bed in order to fall gently into the land of slumber. However, since … Read More

Amazing views

Bowness basked in sunshine today, and as I sat in front of our lounge windows, I could not help but notice how blue Windermere’s waters were. It was a deep uncompromising blue much like the colour of the Lake seen … Read More

Adventures in the Lake District

Now that Spring has officially arrived, I thought it might be a good time to write about some of the adventures that one can enjoy in the Lake District. Not all adventures need to risk life and limb, so here … Read More