Wishing you were here

Today is one of those soft Spring days in Windermere so beloved of visitors to the English Lakes. The sky started out this morning looking a little moody, a few drops of rain spattered on the windows near elevenses time, … Read More

Sharing with guests

One of the things both Hubby and I particularly enjoy when having guests to stay at our B&B is sharing with them. It is a wonder how much common ground can be found in the process of getting to know … Read More

Take a short break at Blenheim Lodge

We are now in the middle of April and many of us are probably beginning to feel the need for a little recreation and relaxation. We have noticed that we are getting quite a few people who are coming to … Read More

Visitor’s map of Bowness and Windermere

I was thinking today that publishing a tourist’s map of Bowness and Windermere on my blog might be helpful to visitors wanting to find out more about these two places in the English Lake District. Blenheim Lodge is pinpointed on … Read More

Travelling to Blenheim Lodge

For those of you who have been keeping tabs on the news, you will have heard that the UK  government had urged people to stockpile gasoline in anticipation of a fuel tanker strike (www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/9170200/Motorists-should-consider-stockpiling-fuel-for-strike-suggests-No-10.html). Of course this has meant that … Read More