Terms of Booking

** Coronavirus Re-bookings **

Notwithstanding our usual booking and cancellation policies, we would like to add that due to the Covid crisis, we are offering flexibility in terms of re-booking your originally reserved dates that you were unable to use due to the 2020-2021 lockdowns in the UK ONLY up to the end of 2022. Payments already made will be transferred to the new dates and offset against the prices indicated for the new dates. Any difference in rates can be paid when you re-book. This offer is ONLY applicable to reservations made during the months of the UK’s lockdowns between 2020 and 2021.

You can therefore confidently book accommodation at Blenheim Lodge now for the future without fear of losing the value of your original payment. Choose the room(s) and date(s) that you particularly prefer now, and, if you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible that you wish to do so, but certainly by no later than 14 days before the original date of arrival. We will retain the monies you have paid and confirm this by email to you so that you may rebook using the original sum towards a new booking whenever you are ready to do so, as long as your new dates of stay are no later than 2022.

If, by the first day of 2023, you have not rebooked your dates, then our normal booking and cancellation policies iterated below will apply. Please note that our coronavirus update does not include refunds as we are already offering a very generous period of time for re-booking your break(s).

Notwithstanding the above, if guests knowingly arrive exhibiting possible* COVID-19 symptoms, we reserve the right to turn them away. We will not transfer their bookings free of charge to a different date or dates because they had failed to inform us of a material matter that could have created serious consequences for our guests, ourselves, and our business. Conversely, if guests give us as much notice as possible that they can no longer visit on their booked dates because they had unfortunately contracted coronavirus or were self-isolating as the result of being in contact with someone who has/had it and would therefore like to postpone their stay, we will be understanding and very happy to assist.

*We are not medical staff, and cannot be 100% certain whether someone has Covid-19 or not. However, we ask all guests to please be mindful of others and not to visit Blenheim Lodge unless they are certain that they exhibit NO symptoms of Covid-19, test NEGATIVE for coronavirus infection, and have not come into contact with anyone else with symptoms of Covid-19. 

Booking and Cancellation Policies

Please ensure that you are fully aware of our cancellation policy prior to booking accommodation at Blenheim Lodge. By passing over your card details you are making a legally binding contract with Blenheim Lodge Ltd.

Payment is taken in full to secure a booking, and is non-refundable.

We strongly advise guests to take out travel insurance, as many policies now also provide cover for illness with Covid as well as for other sicknesses and mishaps.

Should you be purchasing a gift voucher or are simply paying for someone else to stay here, then we will also require full payment for the entire stay at the time of booking.

There is a 3.95% service fee for the use of corporate or business cards. If paying by cheque prior to arrival, we will require the total value of the booking to be paid in full to Blenheim Lodge Ltd. We will also require two weeks’ clearance period for cheque payments prior to arrival.

As Blenheim Lodge is not in a position to enquire into or confirm reasons for cancellation, this cancellation policy covers ALL cancellations without exception, and cancellation fees equivalent to the total cost of the booked accommodation will become chargeable. For their own peace of mind, guests are advised to take out their own travel insurance in case they have to cancel.

Check-In and Check-Out

Check In: 4 PM

Check Out: 10 AM

Failure to Use a Voucher

Vouchers are only valid for the time period agreed with the buyer at the time of purchase. If the person(s) in receipt of the voucher is/are unable to use it for any reason, please inform Blenheim Lodge Ltd. and we can agree for another person or persons to use the voucher or for the purchaser to use the voucher himself or herself instead provided the voucher is used within its validated time frame.

If a voucher is not used prior to the expiry date printed on it, the voucher automatically becomes VOID and of NIL value.

Vouchers may be used ONLY ONCE towards ONLY ONE booking for accommodation within the parameters of its use by date.

A Personal Note

Please understand that Blenheim Lodge is situated at the end of a cul de sac away from the main road, with no passing traffic or footfall. Although we will try to re-let cancelled accommodation, this is not easily achieved especially due to our location. Our rooms are all different, and they are booked out to guests in good faith. Just as you would not like to arrive and find your room booked out to someone else as you had booked in good faith, Blenheim Lodge would not like to find that income is suddenly to be lost due to a cancellation through no fault of the proprietors.

Once a room is booked out, it means that that specific room is not available for the next enquirer whose dates may mirror or overlap the dates you have requested, and a new booking may be lost because of this. Please understand that if you cancel and do not pay the full amount, and the room is not re-let, Blenheim Lodge stands to lose income, and you are then taking a job away from us, in much the same way that a person may suddenly be made redundant or lose a job. For this reason, we strongly suggest that guests ensure that they have their own travel insurance to cover any cancellations they might have to make should unforeseen circumstances prevent them from visiting at Blenheim Lodge.


Please note that guests who park in our car park do so at their own risk.

Please note that guests’ belongings are left in the guest house at their own risk.


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