Contrasting images of Lake Windermere

The Lake District looks beautiful in all seasons. At least, that is my perception; although I must admit that perhaps the reason why I have such a predisposition for the Lakes is due to the fact that my family and … Read More

A golden anniversary

‘Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, ring.’ The telephone shrilled loudly, calling my attention to its summons as I was having my quiet time. I picked up the phone, and a nice-sounding lady asked whether we could help with arranging a … Read More

Bowness-on-Windermere and Windermere

I wonder sometimes about the number of similar or identical names that are given to towns, cities, villages and hamlets in one country, not to mention many countries in the world. For example, a search for ‘Windermere’ will not only … Read More

Lake District byways

I am a poor traveller, as I suffer from motion sickness. I used to take travel sickness pills as a young girl, and my first taste of airplane travel involved my sitting as upright as possible in my seat with … Read More

Lake District wonders

The Lake District is such a special place because of how it looks and what it symbolises. When one thinks of the Lake District, the image is one of outstanding physical beauty and peaceful serenity. The Lake District is still … Read More