I’m so excited – we’ve had some snow! I love the snow. It makes the place look so different: beautiful; serene; magical; otherworldly even if there is enough of it. Mostly, I love the newness of it when it first begins to fall – flakes that flutter down from the skies to carpet sometimes grubby streets and add that bit of icing on statuesque mountain tops, gravelly footpaths, and trampled fields. And then, there is that wonderful moment when one places first one foot, then another, to be followed by more footsteps into untrammelled whiteness. Fresh fallen snow, untouched and pristine, is truly Nature’s most amazingly exquisite carpet. Just recently, we looked out of our windows at Blenheim Lodge – and beheld snow upon the fell tops.

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The view from our guest rooms at Blenheim Lodge of Lake Windermere with fresh snow on the fell tops.

We went searching for Watendlath, a tiny hamlet in Borrowdale, a couple of days back. And it was a lovely surprise to see a smattering of snow on the ground: white and pristine, like jewels glistering under the sun. Surrounding us were high fells and Watendlath Tarn, a pretty body of water. All was silent around us except for the gusting sighs of late Autumn winds and rushing washes of Watendlath Beck. Peaceful and alluring, cloaked within its own spirit and its own time, I do not think we could have visited Watendlath at a better time of year.

Watendlath Tarn with an overturned boat beside a drystone stone wall.
The pristine waters of Watendlath Tarn.
Fly fishing is a popular sport at Watendlath Tarn.
This is just one section of Watendlath Beck.

I felt like I had walked into a different world when we reached Watendlath. Although there were 21st century implements to be glimpsed in the hamlet – and, we saw one man – the most lively thing we saw there was a cheeky robin redbreast which allowed me to come close and take a few photos and even a video of it feasting on a few cracker crumbs. (I have put up some video footage and more photos on our Facebook and Instagram platforms if you would like to see them and our other posts by clicking on the links. Perhaps you could even LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook and Instagram pages? That would be much appreciated.)

Watendlath covered with scattering of snow.
Crossing Watendlath packhorse bridge, possibly one of the most photographed packhorse bridges in the Lakes.
Did you know that Prince Charles visited Watendlath on 22nd May 1995?
A sweet pretty robin sits atop a moss-covered drystone wall at Watendlath. He stopped here for just a moment before hopping over to feast upon those cracker crumbs.

I think that Zack, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog, was especially taken by the snow. He was so alert and happy as he surveyed his surroundings. As soon as he got out of the vehicle, he pranced about a little and then trotted happily on lead upon snow-covered ground. When we neared the shores of Watendlath Tarn, he couldn’t resist . . . and bent his neck to taste some ice-cold snow – cool, white, refreshing, and oh so tasty (to a dog)!

Walking a snow-dusted path at Watendlath.
Zack checks out the tastiness of the snow at Watendlath.

There are lots of places in the Lakes that are just wonderful for taking time out to visit. This isolated hamlet might be tiny in size but it sure packs a punch! The Lake District is open all year round, as are we at Blenheim Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Bowness on Windermere. If you are looking for a last minute break, whether it is for the New Year, a midweek or weekend getaway, please do get in touch with us by telephone on 015394-43440 or email to enquire about staying in one of our pretty en-suite rooms, with their amazing views of Lake Windermere and the fells. And perhaps take up one of our Special Offers too!

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