Now that Autumn has well and truly set in, our Lakeland woodlands and fields have become beautiful canvases of burnished glory. Trees and shrubs, grasses and leaves, and even some simpler mosses display rich browns, deep oranges, bright yellows and brilliant reds that bring panoplies of colour and verve to fell and lakeside settings. Autumn is probably my favourite time of year, especially when shuffling through brightly hued deciduous leaves that thickly carpet forest floors. The shushing sounds of lazy feet kicking gently and crunching upon crackling leaves remind me of happy Fall days spent wandering Toronto’s beautiful High Park, just a stone’s throw from my high school student lodgings.

Walking through Autumn leaves on Brant Fell behind Blenheim Lodge B&B.
Walking through a carpet of leaves on Brant Fell.

Blenheim Lodge, our house, home, and Bed and Breakfast, is located in the heart of the Lake District National Park. Right at the back of our house are the fields, woodlands, footpaths and viewpoints of Brant Fell, upon which our Victorian home peacefully nestles. Half a minute’s stroll from our front door leads to the farm gate that opens onto a footpath – The Dales Way – behind our house. From thence, walkers can wander at will amongst acres of organic farmland, where cows and sheep graze, wild birds call, and most visiting dogs romp freely, although ours always walks on a lead. I hope you will enjoy seeing these photos of this lovely countryside and landcape that we often urge our guests to share with us. It is too beautiful and peaceful a place to keep to ourselves – especially when guests staying with us are just a hop, skip and jump from such peace and loveliness.

Blenheim Lodge, Bowness Bed and Breakfast
The large Victorian house seen in the middle of this photograph is Blenheim Lodge B&B. This photo was snapped from the footpath on which we were walking towards Brant Fell summit.

Parellel to the line of houses shown in the previous photograph is a hillside footpath that winds upwards towards Brant Fell summit – a picturesque route indeed!

Making tracks along the path above Blenheim Lodge towards Brant Fell summit.
Making tracks along the path above Blenheim Lodge B&B towards Brant Fell summit.

At the end of this leaf-strewn path is a contained field with a gate leading out onto a rocky viewpoint near the edge of a steep drop. I am not a fan of heights where I can see steep drops so this photo below was snapped from a hilly spot behind the rock, with the sun very much in my eyes! Hence the shadowed outlines of fells in the photo?

Lake Windermere view
This is the view of Lake Windermere and fells from a smaller viewpoint half-way up Brant Fell.

We opened and closed various farm gates, walking through woods and fields until we came to an open vista that opened up and outwards towards Brant Fell’s peak. Here, we came across sheep and cows grazing calmly and contentedly alongside each other.

dog, sheep, summit
Two sheep watched Zack with curiosity all the while we were there, turning their heads and beady eyes upon him whichever way he went. One could almost imagine them thinking: “Is he a sheep in disguise?”
Cows graze near Blenheim Lodge, Bowness
Open organic farmland on the picturesque slopes of Brant Fell, where sheep and cows graze peacefully.

The tramping of human feet upon this landscape can be seen in the two grass-worn trails on either side of this mound. It was one of these trails that we followed to the peak of this mountain. Et viola below!

At Brant Fell summit, just a lovely walk from Blenheim Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Bowness on Windermere, Lake District National Park.
At Brant Fell summit, just a lovely walk from Blenheim Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Bowness on Windermere, Lake District National Park.

Blenheim Lodge is located on Brant Fell itself, although lower down upon its slopes, where our Bowness Bed and Breakfast is situated at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. The view below – as well as other aspects of the Lake and fells – can also be seen from 10 of our 11 bedrooms at Blenheim Lodge Guest House. However, my favourite room, The Dalesway, (which overlooks The Dales Way and is named for it), solely enjoys fell and woodland views from its windows.

lake windermere view from brant fell summit behind blenheim lodge, bowness
This view of Lake Windermere and surrounding fells is but one section of the panorama to be experienced on Brant Fell summit. Indeed, the views are 360-degree in scope!

And then it was time to return home. Darkness was falling by the time we reached the field behind our Bowness guest house. Here, we would join The Dales Way footpath, a small track just a half-minute’s walk towards the farm gate at the top of Brantfell Road on which our AA-4-Star Bowness Bed and Breakfast sits tranquilly overlooking both Lake Windermere and the fields and woods of Brant Fell.

Blenheim Lodge is en-route for The Dales Way. Here we are traipsing down it to Blenheim Lodge B&B as we return from our walk to Brant Fell summit at the back of our house.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it will have given you some idea of the beauty that surrounds Blenheim Lodge right on our doorstep. Do take advantage of our Late Availability and Autumn and Winter 2017-2018 Specials. We would be delighted to welcome you!

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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