Well, it isn’t quite ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, but it will have to do. I was thrilled when I received confirmation today of a post written by Michael Franco about our Bed and Breakfast, Blenheim Lodge. It is just a simple post on his blog, but I love the fact that its homely and welcoming tone accurately reflects our B&B in the Lake District.

Michael had asked me to write a recipe for his blog. However, since we do not cook anything other than breakfast for our guests, I thought I would send in a breakfast recipe – a simple easy-to-follow recipe for scrambled eggs. It is a tried and tested way of cooking scrambled eggs that even my mother-in-law likes – and that is saying something, because she is a formidable cook.

I like scrambled eggs, and I do it the old fashioned way i.e. on a stove top. I do not like the microwaved variety because there is less control over the eggs as they cook. I do not remember how I began cooking scrambled eggs the way I do now, but I think I must have picked it up from my cousin in Maritime Canada, when I visited her as a hungry student whilst studying in Ontario. Oh, her scrambled eggs were just Y-U-M-M-Y!  I did not realise that I could eat scrambled eggs every morning until I stayed with her and her husband that holiday. Before that, it never occurred to me that I would like eggs in that quantity!

So I began to observe my cousin’s method of cooking scrambled eggs. I noticed the generous amounts of butter she used. I tasted the evidence of what a decent sprinkling of salt and pepper could do to a humble portion of scrambled eggs on toast. What a treat for a broke and lazy student too indolent to cook for herself!

Now, of course, with Science telling us that we should all eat less salt and fat, I have adapted my cousin’s recipe by putting in only a teensy pinch of salt along with just a finger of butter per egg. It is therefore left to guests who order scrambled eggs for breakfast to add more salt or not to their eggs when their platters are set before them. (My conscience can rest easy!)

Here is the link to Michael’s write-up on Blenheim Lodge, which I hope you will enjoy: http://bandb.about.com/od/eggrecipes/a/Back-To-Basics.htm. Of course we cook more than scrambled eggs for breakfast. Why not come visit with us and try the local Lakeland sausage and bacon that we also serve as part of our English breakfast?

Two of the choices we offer for breakfast. There is an inglenook in our dining room, which I think is rather special.
Two of the choices we offer for breakfast. There is an inglenook in our dining room, which I think is rather special.

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