The Dales Way

Over the past two months, we have been welcoming a goodly number of people walking The Dales Way footpath. The Dales Way ends or begins, depending on which way you are travelling, a literal half-minute stroll from our front door. … Read More

Tarn Hows

I have seldom been so awestruck by scenery as I was by Tarn Hows, an absolutely gorgeous lake, small but perfectly formed. Tarn Hows is located in the hills between Coniston and Hawkshead, a few miles from Blenheim Lodge, our … Read More

Cumbrian flora and fauna

As Summer approaches, visitors coming to the Lake District might be interested in the local Cumbrian flora and fauna. Within the Lake District National Park itself, there are lovely lakes, woodlands, mountains and fells to explore; however, guests might also … Read More

An outdoors kind of day

Yesterday I wrote about an indoors kind of day, but today is definitely an outdoors kind of day! The sun is shining warmly down on all and sundry in Windermere, there is no wind, and visibility is excellent. It is … Read More