The title of this blog post is not so much descriptive but, rather, figurative. It has been a while since I have written a post, with the age old reason holding true: that is, quite literally, for lack of time. Many of you who might have read my previous posts would have seen pictures galore of Zack, our handsome and infinitely affectionate Pyrenean Mountain Dog, on his various adventures with us in this pulchritudinous region, the English Lake District. Alas, Zack’s health had been gradually deteriorating, and spending time with him – feeding, cleaning, and taking care of his needs – took precedence over writing any blog posts. Thus, whilst this Blog concerns the pulchritudinous Lake District National Park, it is also, in part, affected by the aegis of life at Blenheim Lodge B&B simply because Blenheim Lodge is both our home as well as a Bed and Breakfast, and is run by a family as a family B&B. The days of ‘summer wine’ have now passed: Zack and his beautiful smile which lit up our days and nights is no longer with us; but his devotion to us and ours to him remain embedded in our consciousness and hearts.

Zack at Rydal Water.
Blenheim Lodge B&B is located on Brant Fell, above the hubbub and bustle of Bowness on Windermere village centre.
Brant Fell was one of Zack’s favourite haunts. He loved exploring its many acres and climbing up to its view points. This was especially convenient for walkies as it is right behind our backyard.

Our new rescue boy is Horatio, a Great Dane, which readers will increasingly see in our photos as we explore new places and revisit previous haunts together. He has been with us now for six months, and is settling in as only a dog can settle in when it has been instructed by its previous mentor, Zack. As I write, he is relishing all the thrills of eating a tasty bone!

Dogs of Blenheim Lodge, Bowness B&B at Loughrigg Tarn
Loughrigg Tarn was another of Zack’s favourite places to visit. He knew the route well and would march on with determined purpose despite his gammy legs.

This post is not about any specific place in the Lake District National Park nor any special events, etc. It is, instead, a post of remembrance. Many of our guests met and made friends with Zack. Some went out with him during walkies. Others brought tasty treats for him. He was spoilt for attention, and loved every minute of it. When he died, a couple of guests sent flowers in commemoration of his life. He touched so many people, giving them his undivided attention with loving patience and a kind of age-old wisdom. When he passed away, he left a huge hole in our hearts.

The Glebe is a popular area in Bowness on Windermere, where Blenheim Lodge B&B is located.
Here are Zack and Horatio walking at The Glebe, Bowness on Windermere, with Hubby and one of our guests 30th March 2018.

Zack came to us as a bouncy 8.5-month old pup rescued from an abusive home. He left this earth a much loved family member and venerable 11.5-year old gentleman: always gentle, unreservedly loyal, forever loved.

Zack, our puppy of 8.5 months, when he came to us from Rescue in September 2008.

Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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