Keeping Safe

Covid-19 Precautions


Blenheim Lodge is both our home and Bed and Breakfast, and we would like to reassure our guests that we are taking the health and safety of us all very seriously. To this end, we have lain out the cleaning protocols for our guest house so that you can rest assured that we are making our best efforts to create and offer a safe, stress-free, peaceful and enjoyable break at our Bowness Bed and Breakfast.

We enjoy “visiting” with our guests, although this is not physically possible at the moment. However, whilst circumstances may require us to be physically distant, let’s not be socially absent! We can still have a chat and a laugh together whilst being socially distant.

Please note: we will be removing all brochures and cards from our reception area, but do ask if you require help with anything.


1.     Minimium Stay – We are extending our minimum stay to 2 and 3 nights until further notice. (Three-night minimum stays are applicable during public holiday weekends.) This will reduce the frequency of guest changeovers, and therefore the number of different people guests encounter whilst staying here.

2.     Payment – Upon booking we will ask guests for full payment as normal.

3.     Guest Health – We ask all guests to be vigilant about their own health. If you feel unwell before your booked stay, or have been in contact with people who are unwell from suspected coronavirus, please do not come. We are relaxing our terms and conditions so that if guests need to cancel and the reason is related to COVID-19, we will transfer the deposit to a later date up to the end of 2022. If guests arrive exhibiting possible COVID-19 symptoms, we reserve the right to turn them away. Full details are available in our Terms and Conditions.

Meet and Greet

1.     Early Check-in – We ask guests not to arrive before check-in time at 4 pm. We need all the available time on changeover days to make sure the rooms are deep cleaned and disinfected ready for new guests.

2.     Check-in – Upon arrival we will greet guests outside in our doorway, at a distance of 2 metres. We will then show them to their room maintaining that distance. Disinfected keys will be waiting inside the room. Self check-in will be available if guests prefer.

3.     Late Check-in – We prefer that our guests do not check in later than 8 pm. Please understand that after we have checked in new guests, we will have cleaning and disinfecting protocols to follow, and a late check-in would necessitate staying up for some time thereafter in order to clean and disinfect so as to ensure that all is safe for all guests and ourselves.

Room Cleaning

1.     Cleaning between guests – We are enhancing our already rigorous cleaning protocols to adopt guidelines from

  • Rooms will be fully ventilated for 24-72 hours between guests (all doors and windows open). The difference of 24 hours will reflect when we initially enter the room to clean it. Thereafter, it will lie fallow for another 24 hours before it is re-let.

  • We are implementing the procedure above in order to ensure that we have enough time to thoroughly clean the room, its removable items such as linens, and all touch points such as taps, door handles, light switches, thermostats, woodwork and hangers with chemicals aimed at killing COVID-19.
  • We will adopt the ‘clean first, disinfect second’ procedure. Cleaning with soap/detergent and water to reduce the number of germs left on surfaces. Disinfecting to kill any that are left behind.

  • As normal, all white sheets, pillowcases, and towels will be sent for laundering by our local laundry. We will wash bathmats and duvet covers using biological detergent at the highest possible temperature before they are heat-tumbled and dried.

  • Soft furnishings that cannot be washed, including upholstered chairs will be steam cleaned. Extraneous soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws will be removed. We will also remove the silk side curtains on our four-poster beds.

  • All hard non-porous surfaces, including floors, will be steam cleaned and disinfected with: bleach (bathroom); Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Spray (bedroom facilities). Particular attention will be paid to frequent contact surfaces, e.g. door handles, TV remote, room keys, light switches, taps, kettle, bedside tables.

  • Communal contact surfaces such as our main door escutcheon will be cleaned and disinfected with Dettol multiple times per day. We will also have disinfectant sprays and hand sanitisers to hand so that guests can clean their hands before touching and opening the door for theirs and other guests’ safety.

2.     Daily Room Service – We have regretfully decided we will not service guest rooms on a daily basis. This will create a safe haven guests can be confident no one else has entered. Used crockery and teaspoon can be left on its tray outside the bedroom room door. We will replace these and leave them on the tray outside your room.

  •  We would be very grateful if guests would take care of our rooms, linens, and furnishings to prevent any staining etc. e.g. tea/coffee on carpets or bedding, as this would inevitably require more time to be spent by us cleaning the rooms.

  • We will leave a clean and unused waste bin bag in the room. Please do not fill the bedroom and bathroom waste bins to overflowing. Instead, please remove the plastic bin liners when the waste bins are full, tie the tops of the bin liners, and insert them in a spare plastic bag and tie that up too. Please leave the tied up plastic bag outside your room door for us to collect and dispose of, or, if you prefer, please dispose it yourself. (Please let us know when you are doing the former so that we can collect your used bags. If you need a plastic bag to put your used bin liners in, please contact us by phone on 015394 43440, and we will leave one outside your bedroom door.)

3.     Fresh Towels – Guests may request clean towels. Used towels should be left in the bin bag outside their bedroom door(s). If guests prefer to bring their own towels for their own peace of mind as mitigation against possible infection, please let us know so that we do not place towels in your room to no purpose.

4.     Toiletries – We provide small bottles of shampoo, body wash and soap. If you prefer to bring your own supplies, again as mitigation against possible infection, then please let us know ahead of time and we will leave them out of the bathroom to save waste.

5.     Hairdryer – We would prefer that you bring your own, as it will prove difficult to clean and sanitise the uncovered electrical coils that are inside the open nozzle.

Food and Drink in your Room

1.     Tea and Coffee – Each room has its own kettle for making hot drinks. If guests require further supplies, please ask. If you prefer to bring your own items, please tell us so that we do NOT leave these items in your room in order to save on waste.

2.     Other Meals – Local restaurants and other eateries have been given the same go-ahead as B&Bs to re-open on 6th July 2020. Please be aware that we have always had a policy of no cooking and/or no consumption of takeaway food in our bedrooms, and would ask guests to be respectful of this particularly with the new normal as such activity always creates extra cleaning, with smells and food stains being particularly problematic to remove.


1.     Room Delivery – In order to reduce physical contact for the safety of everyone, we will deliver breakfast items in a bag which will be left outside the door of the guest rooms. To this end, we will be unable to serve our usual delectable breakfasts in the dining room until further notice.

2.     Breakfast Menu – We will have a Temporary Breakfast Menu with simpler breakfast-to-go choices available for guests to choose from. The menu link is here. Please read our Temporary Breakfast Menu and send through your choice as soon as possible. If you have any dietary requirements, it would greatly help us if you could let us know about this well ahead of time.

We normally take breakfast choices for the following day before 7 pm the evening before. However, where possible, we would prefer to have these choices given to us prior to that just in case late choices make it difficult or impossible for us to source the items required to make the breakfast. Guests should email ( or telephone (015394 43440) with their menu choices to us. We are very happy and would actually find it helpful for guests to send us their choices even days or weeks prior to arrival.

3.     Eating Breakfasts – Breakfasts will be packed so that they can be easily taken out with guests on their walks and excursions.

Communal Spaces

We will not be opening our guest lounge and dining room for guests’ use in order to limit the areas of potential viral contamination and transmission.

Check out

1.     Check out time – We are asking guests to check out at our normal time of 10 am. This is to give us vital time on changeover days for our enhanced cleaning and disinfecting regime. We ask that if it is NOT raining outside that guests would ventilate their rooms by leaving their windows partly open before they leave. Please leave bedroom doors wedged open with the doorstop on departure.

3.     Virus – If a guest comes down with COVID-19 within 7 days of their stay here, we ask them to get in touch ASAP.

COVID-19 Case

1.     Suspected Case – If we have a suspected case in the B&B, we will close immediately. Medical help will be sought for the patient, and the relevant authorities notified so the patient can book a COVID-19 test. The patient will be asked to return home straight away; they cannot continue their stay at the B&B where we are not trained or equipped to look after them.

Once the patient has vacated the B&B, the contaminated room will be left 72 hours (as per CDC advice). This includes a 24-hour waiting period before anyone can enter the room, time for us to thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas accessible to the infected guest, and an additional buffer. We will call incoming guests to let them know we have unfortunately had to temporarily close; all deposits will be refunded. The B&B will aim* to re-open at 4 pm on the 3rd day (minimum of 78 hours) after the suspected case has departed.

2.     Positive Case – *If the patient’s COVID-19 test comes back positive, UK Government guidelines state that we will need to self isolate for 14 days, in which case the B&B will not re-open until the 15th day after the positive case has departed (assuming we do not then contract the disease and need to quarantine for longer). We will call incoming guests to let them know we have unfortunately had to temporarily close. All guests will be given the opportunity to rebook new dates or be refunded.

3.     Family – If any of our family exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, we will immediately close the B&B, call incoming guests, and refund deposits. We will follow the UK Government household quarantine advice which states that all members of a household must quarantine for 14 days from onset of symptoms in the first infected family member. We will re-open on the 15th day, and only if we are all symptom free.

4.     Liability – We accept no liability for a guest contracting COVID-19 during their stay. We will do our very best to make the B&B a clean and safe environment, but we cannot control guest movements, the people they meet, or the standard of hygiene at other establishments they may visit.

*Please rest assured we would never knowingly put any of our guests at risk, and ask you to do the same for us.* 


–       Public Health England guidelines for cleaning in a non-healthcare environment:

–       Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your facility:

–       Evidence for the efficacy of bleach against COVID-19: (same link as above)

–       Evidence for the efficacy of Dettol against COVID-19:

–       Public Health England quarantine guidelines:

–       UK Government’s Coronavirus advice on accessing green spaces:

Please note this is an evolving document subject to update as and when new scientific advice is published. For more information about the UK government’s advice, please visit: publish the latest version here.

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