Blenheim Lodge is in the fortunate situation of being located on a hill top with stunning panoramic Lake Windermere and mountain views. This evening, as the sun was setting, I looked out of The Blue Room and saw to my amazement a spectacular sunset comprising streaks in varying shades of red and pink set against the deep blues and purples of Lake Windermere and the Langdale mountains. I think that it was one of the most stupendous sunsets I have seen lately, and I wished I had the ability to photograph well in order to capture an image of such beauty for posterity.

Sunrise over Windermere. (Photo courtesy of

I don’t think that one ever tires of watching sunrises and sunsets, as both processes often include a rainbow of colours ranging from the light shades of pink and yellow to the deep dark shades of night. Lakeland sunsets must probably rank amongst some of the most natural scenic moving pictures. Imagine a rising or setting sun being reflected in the waters, and the surrounding hills and mountains being bathed in varying degrees of shade and light. Think perhaps of birdsong welcoming the dawning day as the sun rises and bidding the day goodnight when the sun sets. Don’t you think that their choruses are a great accompaniment to the start and end of the day, and make sunrises and sunsets more special?

Red skies can be even more enjoyable when one is on a boat cruising the lakes. Windermere Lake Cruises ( offers a couple of buffet dinner sails on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the summer months. Some include a live jazz band, which will appeal to jazz music fans. Blenheim Lodge also arranges cheese and wine yacht sails at sunset on Sunday evenings during the summer. Imagine a romantic sunset sail with your significant other, or a sunset sail with people you love. What a wonderful way to spend some quality time with someone!

During the latter part of the summer months, guests taking a sunset sail will probably also enjoy the spectacular sight of a star-filled sky whilst cruising Lake Windermere. The reason for this is simple. As the days begin to draw in earlier and earlier as summer comes to an end, the timing for the sunset sail means that guests on board will complete their sail in darkness. Without light pollution in the middle of the Lake, there is every chance of encountering a canopy of twinkling lights in the heavens provided the skies remain clear of clouds and rain.

Of course, if like me, you are not comfortable unless your feet are on terra firma, Blenheim Lodge is ideally positioned for a feast of encountering stupefying sunrises and sunsets over Lake Windermere. As ten of our 11 bedrooms overlook the Lake, guests should have every chance to witnessing the rising and setting of the sun from their rooms or from our guest lounge. As for viewing the stars at night, a number of guests have relished the prospect and reality of going to sleep in either The Eyrie (single room) or The Attic (double room) with the blinds up, so that they fall asleep whilst gazing up at the myriad stars.

If you are coming to Blenheim Lodge, do expect to hear the trill of birdsong in the morning and evening; the muffled hoots of owls at night; and the chirrups of busy garden insects during the quiet hours of the late afternoon. Expect to meet the odd pheasant or two strutting about our back garden which borders the National Trust fells especially if you are staying in The Dalesway room, which overlooks fields and woodlands; or, in the evening, stay quietly by your windows and train your eyes towards the trees to see whether you can spot bats flying in the woods. The countryside that surrounds our semi-rural location means that you will breathe fresh air unpolluted by the traffic fumes of Lake Road, Kendal Road, and Rayrigg Road (the main roads in Bowness-on-Windermere). Nevertheless, Blenheim Lodge is ideally located within a 5-minute walk to the centre of Bowness town and Lake Windermere. Thus the local amenities and attractions of town and Lake are easily accessible.

Red skies at sunrise and sunset are a constant source of beauty that I savour. To me, it is also a reminder of God’s constancy towards His children and those who seek Him in truth and with desire. Somewhere in the world, red skies will be providing a treat to the eyes. Always. Even if it is raining in Windermere!

Don’t you think this sunset is gorgeous? A striation of pale blue-grey sky, the red and orange streaks of the setting sun, purple blue mountains, almost colourless water, and a dark landmass in the foreground, which is Brantfell viewpoint, accessed from the farm gate at the back of Blenheim Lodge, our Bowness-on-Windermere guest house. (Photo courtesy of

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