Some guests arrived with us today from New Zealand, England and the States. They were all part of one family and were travelling together to visit us, with an estimated time of arrival of 4 pm. Well, 4 pm came and went. Then, came 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm. Still no guests. However, at 8 pm, the doorbell rang. Our guests had finally arrived!

So what kept these guests from arriving earlier? It was the sunshine! The first thing they said as I was checking them in was that the sun and its warmth had been beckoning them to explore as much of the Lakes as possible. Instead of checking in at 4 pm, they had decided to go touring and to include a walk in the Langdales. Greatly excited, they also told me that tomorrow and the next few days were set for glorious weather, and they were already planning their next day’s route to visit other parts of the Lake District.

This green haven, Elterwater, is a small part of the Langdale area that spans a large part of the South/Central to North Lakes. (Photo courtesy of

The weatherman’s forecast has indeed been accurate today. Our older son had told us this morning that temperatures would rise to 14 degrees today and up to 17 degrees over the following few days. As a Singaporean, this does not sound particularly hot to me, but most people I saw today were in shorts and T-shirts, whilst I continued to don my sweatshirt! However, perhaps this burst of good weather will encourage more people to book our guest house for a last minute short break or longer holiday.

I  prefer driving about in sunshine rather than rain, and I will have to drive to Ambleside tomorrow as I want to visit a store that sells some lovely room accessories which I wish to purchase for our guest rooms. I have been searching for new cushion covers for a while now, and have not been able to find the ‘correct’ shades or patterns for the various rooms I have in mind. Perhaps tomorrow’s jaunt will prove fruitful.

Our guest accommodation is made up of rooms, rather than suites, and we are always at pains to point this out when people who contact us to make an enquiry think we have suites. However, whether our rooms are large or small – and we have both – we like to furnish and dress them so that they are individual in character, hence my sometimes prolonged hunts for items I want to put in them. In fact, when we first refurbished the rooms, it took me up to a year to find specific items of furniture for some rooms. And I am still searching for more furniture for other rooms as I write.

Well, I am looking forward to going shopping tomorrow. I love browsing a store provided I have the time and the items hold my interest. The store I am visiting always does both and I am sure I will return laden with goods.

In fact, I must tell myself to be good and only buy what I need!

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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