The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the day is still, and temperatures are soaring – what more could one want on a lovely Spring day? As I type, I can just imagine going for a picnic in the fields behind our house, sitting on lush green grass and looking over Old Bowness to Lake Windermere and its surrounding hills. Food always seem to taste better outdoors!

Going on a picnic at Ullswater. Make an occasion of it!

Zack is currently standing by my side as I type with one hand stroking him and one hand making numerous mistakes on the keyboard. (I am a better typist when I use two hands.) I think he is raring to go out. He can smell the excitement of a walk coming up and is getting restless and whining to get out. Hubby will take him and Maddi out soon.

We have a number of guests arriving today, many of whom will also be hoping for lovely weather this weekend. I was speaking to my accountant 2 days ago, and she assured me that the weatherman had said there would be snow on the hills next week. Seeing is believing where the weather forecaster’s predictions are concerned. If it snows in the hills, it will still be lovely in the valley where we are, as Bowness village is ringed and protected by the Claife Heights hills and Langdale mountains. Any snow on the hilltops will only make the landscape more attractive to view – imagine an azure Lake Windermere and boats cruising on it, bright sunshine enveloping the village of Bowness and the Lake, and faraway hilltops capped with snow. How picturesque!

I actually do like snow. Despite growing up in Singapore, I was never enamoured of the heat and humidity. When I went to Canada in 1979 and saw snow for the first time, I was absolutely transfixed. I remember seeing snowflakes drifting gently down to the ground as I was walking home from school. My first reaction was to say, ‘Thank you, Lord, for letting me see snow.’ To this day, I still enjoy watching the first snow.

However, back to the present. The current warm weather seems to be a precursor to a hot summer. About 6 summers or so ago, I remember weather so hot it was uncomfortable to do physical work. Making the beds, cleaning the en-suites, vacuuming, washing the dishes, etc. made one think only of needing a cool drink. I am glad that we live in a flatlet within Blenheim Lodge: it means that I can head straight to the shower as soon as I have cleaned the rooms and public spaces in order to tidy up and cool down.

The fantastic weather has seen our younger son going to the golf club to practise his game. He will be in a competition tomorrow and wants to lower his handicap. The golf club closest to Blenheim Lodge is Windermere Golf Club, which has some very beautiful grounds and vistas. It is only a mile from our door. If any of you are golfers and want to visit the club, we can help to arrange tee times for you.

The local Council also offers golfing near the Lake. The greens are only 5-7 minutes’ walk from the house, and for the very young or those who enjoy a little bit of golfing fun, there is also crazy golf to be had on site. Guests can also play tennis on outdoor courts by the greens.

If you are intending to visit the Lakes, then do come and visit us at Blenheim Lodge; and if you are stuck for ideas on things to see and do, we would be happy to provide useful information about local activities and attractions. Sometimes, of course, the best holiday is one where one can just be – to laze about; to sleep and rise as and when; to read or paint; to spend time alone or with someone special; etc. At Blenheim Lodge, you will find a relaxing atmosphere, where you can simply take the day as it comes. We hope that you will take us up on this offer and find yourself a peaceful retreat in our friendly home.

Walk along the shores of Lake Windermere at Springtime and enjoy these wonderful views, while pretty daffodils bob in the breeze at your feet.

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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