From the looks of the weather, Spring has indeed sprung. Today, my son lay under his vehicle trying to fix a new exhaust section to replace a rotten part. The sun was shining high in the sky and there was nothing but bright blue in the heavens, with not a single cloud in sight. I can hardly believe how much good weather we have been enjoying and are still having. Who would have thought that our Lake District weather could be so kind for so long?

My yachting colleague dropped in to see me today. He was trying to educate me on the use of Twitter, and I was trying to tell him about blogging on WordPress. I think we are both as technically challenged as the other, but we did promise each other that we would try to understand the use of the internet rather more so than we do now in order ‘to sell our wares’, so to speak. We were talking about the use of the World Wide Web as a tool to advertise Blenheim Lodge and his yacht sails because of the good weather. ‘Wouldn’t it be fantastic,’ he said, ‘to have people coming to dine on my yacht during this spell of good weather?’

At present, Blenheim Lodge offers a number of ways to help our guests celebrate their special occasions, such as flowers, wine or champagne, chocolate truffles and cake in the room on arrival. However, we have also been working with our yachting colleague over the last 2-3 years to help him publicise his lunch, dinner and sunset sails, where guests who are staying with us are able to experience a different type of activity, sailing and dining on Lake Windermere. With the lunch sails in particular, guests are encouraged to help sail the yacht and take the helm. If our guests do not have sailing experience, he will give them instruction on how to sail.

Springtime is a good time for walking around the Lakes. It is not too hot, and very pleasant indeed to walk amidst fresh bright greenery. Over the years, guests visiting us have reported seeing wild deer in the woodlands at the back of our house and even experiencing the touching moments when an ewe had just given birth in its twin lambs and was licking them clean. The latter event seems to me a symbol of hope in the birthing of new life – especially during Easter, when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, who promises new life to those who believe and accept his gift of salvation.

Here is a photo of one of the viewpoints located behind our guest house. Brantfell is about 40 minutes' walk from our front door. Enjoy this stunning scenery when you stay at Blenheim Lodge. We have single, double, twin and triple rooms to suit all budgets. (Photo courtesy of

Over the last few years, the local farmer has led his cows into the fields behind our house and left them to graze. We have yet to see the cows this year, but I think he will probably bring them soon to pasture. Once the cows are in the field, Hubby becomes very careful about taking the dogs for a walk in the fells as he is afraid that our two sillies will run at the cows and think that they are bigger than the cows. This is the time of year when Hubby begins to take the dogs out one after the other instead of walking them together, as our dogs are large and stubborn and he needs to control them in the fields.

The cows are actually very friendly. They enjoy hanging their heads over the garden fence that separates our back garden from the National Park lands where they graze. However, they are also insatiably curious and will investigate those odd creatures on two legs that share their fields. I have seen walkers sitting on a wall at the top of the fells and unable to move down the hill because the cows have gathered around them to look at them. From my vantage point at the kitchen sink as I do the dishes, I do find it ticklish funny to see a gaggle of humans gazing imploringly at the cows to move on. One cannot argue with large beasts after all.

Meanwhile, at our guest house, we are really looking forward to welcoming new people here. We want people to visit us and enjoy what we have to offer – pretty rooms, stunning Lake and woodland views, friendly hospitality, a comfortable relaxing atmosphere, and a good breakfast to boot! We are also particularly looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again – from guests who have been once before to guests who have been visiting with us for as long as we have been at Blenheim Lodge ourselves.

For anyone who is looking to take a holiday in the Lakes, whether it is a short trip or a longer one, Hubby and I would like to invite you to come and stay with us. Why not contact us for more information about our rooms and what we have to offer? We would take great delight in welcoming you.

‘Blenheim Lodge . . . panoramic Lake views, peace and tranquillity, nestled against acres of beautiful fields and woodlands, in the heart of the English Lake District National Park.’

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